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Template:Infobox Website is a website that combines several single purpose websites into a single page with a fast loading stripped down interface. The developers state that it is an ongoing project and more services will be added in the future. Current services offered as of Wednesday, October 06, 2010 are: URL shortening, Image Hosting, Pastebin, Disposable Email, Disposable Chat, IRC Chat, Password Strength Meter, and a Random Password Generator. All services are provided free of charge.

In addition to the services provided, the option is given of creating an account which will allow you to manage all your links created on the site as well as obtain statistics on each link.

The developers are very active on the site, and have mentioned adding several new features soon including disposable phone numbers.


June 2010 Development on begins[1]
July 29, 2010 is posted on[2]
August 02, 2010 is mentioned on the Internet TV show Ehrensenf by Jeannine Michaelsen[3]
August 19, 2010 is posted on[4]
September, 2010 is posted on[5]
September 2, 2010 is posted on[6]
September 16, 2010 is posted on Kim Komando's website as the "Cool Site of the day"[7]


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