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Apriva Reader is a type of smart card reader (SCR), published by wireless solutions provider Apriva, that is used in environments where information assurance and security are a concern. These environments typically require that a user's identity be authenticated prior to accessing sensitive information. A smart card containing a user's biometric identity and credentials is a common means for achieving authenticated access. The SCR is attached to the computing device that will be used to access sensitive information. The computing device may be a smartphone, mobile computing device such as a bar code or RFID scanner, desktop computer, tablet, etc.

Apriva Reader is a compact wearable Bluetooth-capable smart card reader (SCR) that supports all formats of ISO 7816 smart cards. This includes the Common Access Cards (CAC) and PIV cards used throughout the US Government to comply with HSDP-12. Apriva Reader provides very strong Bluetooth security with a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 hardware encryption module. It is supported by strong authentication software on mobile devices including AES-256 encryption with negotiated rotating session keys, public key infrastructure (PKI) software, and device management software.


Common usage of the Apriva Reader is enabling PKI Authentication for Hand Held Terminal (HHT) applications interfacing to sensitive data in Warehouse/Material, Medical, Legal, Manufacturing, and locations where Intellectual Property should be secured with authenticated access. Another prevalent use is to provide user authentication on smart phones and the application present on them. This includes authenticated website and network access.

Apriva Reader supports RIM BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. The highly-secure Bluetooth connection provides a wireless work environment. A USB connection can also be used for environments that require tethered operation that eliminates an RF emissions to comply with HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) requirements.

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