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Template:Refimprove Template:Expert-subject In cryptography, one-way encryption refers to:

  • One-way function, a function difficult to invert.[1]
  • Trapdoor one-way function, a one-way function that requires a secret to invert efficiently.
  • Asymmetric encryption, if it satisfies a rather weak condition of not being invertible by an attacker.[2]
  • Cryptographic hash functions, which are modelled on one-way functions but are different from encryption in the strict sense. When used as a message digest, however, they produce a similar output to that of many ciphers — thus the mixing of terminology. Cryptographic hash functions have two main aims: to be one-way and collision-resistant. The term one-way encryption is often used in applications such as secure password storage, where the one-way property is important.

References and notes[]

  1. Encryption is, by definition, reversible. Hence, the term one-way encryption is slightly incorrect in a sense.Template:Citation needed
  2. E. Fujisaki, T. Okamoto, Advances in Cryptology, CRYPTO 1999