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The Public Key Name Service (PKNS) is an award-winning[1] technology which stores and authenticates trust linkages.[2] The PKNS is accessible via a REST-based API which enables applications and web sites to secure communications and interactions by authenticating trust linkages. The PKNS supports both XML and JSON response formats.[3] Access to the PKNS is provided free using the TrustMe API.[4]

Open Protocol Support[]

On July 23, 2008, TrustMe Security announced, at the Facebook F8 Conference in San Francisco, that it was converting the PKNS to provide compatibility with OAuth.[5]


The Public Key Name Service is notable because it addresses key deficiencies of hosted communication encryption services which have been criticized because the message remains stored on the provider's servers. PKNS also alleviates problems associated with manually exchanging encryption keys using other encrypted communications technologies like PGP. [6]


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