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In cryptography, a Type 1 product is a device or system certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) for use in cryptographically securing classified U.S. Government information.

Type 1 certification is a rigorous process that includes testing and formal analysis of (among other things) cryptographic security, functional security, tamper resistance, emissions security (EMSEC/TEMPEST), and security of the product manufacturing and distribution process.

For a historically-oriented list of NSA encryption products (most of them Type 1), see NSA encryption systems. For algorithms that NSA has participated in the development of, see NSA cryptography.

Types 1 through 4 are defined in the National Information Assurance Glossary (CNSSI No. 4009) which defines Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 products and keys.

A Type 1 product is defined as:

Classified or controlled cryptographic item endorsed by the NSA for securing classified and sensitive U.S. Government information, when appropriately keyed. The term refers only to products, and not to information, key, services, or controls. Type 1 products contain approved NSA algorithms. They are available to U.S. Government users, their contractors, and federally sponsored non-U.S. Government activities subject to export restrictions in accordance with International Traffic in Arms Regulation.

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